Startup Intensives 

A 3-day session to explore all the facets of your startup on your road to success.

A fast-paced and candid analysis and assessment of the startup idea, business, and technology. The result will be a clear assessment of what is and isn’t working followed by the creation of three new strategic “things” and the killing off of three “things” that aren’t working. The project takes an open-minded look at the company, its work and results. Companies need to step back sometimes and re-assess with the help of an experienced startup entrepreneur that creates an energetic, collaborative, and safe environment. The result is renewed energy, focus, joy, and direction for the startup often leading to a revised mission and projects that that deliver better results.

3 Days

Day 1 


Day 2


Day 3



Introductions & Discovery, Mission, Meaning, Culture, Customer, Products & Services, Sales, Marketing, Systems, Processes, & Decision Making,Team Dynamics


Synthesis (team member follow-ups), Presentation, Nominate new things, Nominate things to kill


Presentation to full team, Choose 3 new things, Kill 3 existing things 

Casual Meeting

Sample Intensives


  • Helped innovative Data as a Service (Daas) startup change focus from building a platform to building a product

  • Added a new customer base for a transport software company and built marketing campaign, success metrics, and initial actions

  • Created the case for a mid-market company for energy services provider that was targeting large enterprise customers


Strategic Software Evaluations

Create software that meets the needs of its users and the needs of the business and technical teams.

When companies need to create a new line of business application or replace an existing piece of software that is no longer effective or manageable, making great choices on buy vs. build, technology foundations, team, and project scope are critical. This evaluation starts by examining the business, functional, informational, and technical requirements and then creating a set of decisions on how to proceed most effectively.

1 Week

Days 1 & 2

Interviews (Leadership, Business, Tech)

Days 3 & 4

Create and present 


Day 5

Create foundation for product delivery

Sample Workshops


  • Understand the current situation - what’s working and not working and why

  • Document business, functional, informational, and technical requirements

  • Recommend buy or build based on knowledge of company, team, requirements and expected results

  • Suggest mockups, prototypes, low code solutions, alpha, and beta versions leading to successful projects that meet all stakeholder needs

  • Suggest and stand up important systems to manage the project using company’s existing tools or more effective SaaS and software tools available

  • Create project plan with key milestones, risks, and mitigation approaches​

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Speed Calls

Spend an hour with us on any topic to learn the lessons of over 30 combined years of experience with business, startups, technology, and IT projects.

Always a great place to start. Who wants to do a 3 day project, when a quick hit may be what you need. These one-hour calls where you drive the agenda offer companies the concepts and pointers gained from my experience working with startups and technology. You pick the topic area, I’ll do the prep, and I’ll do my best to take your thinking forward in our one hour call. In my experience, some of these calls change the game and others will offer solid guidance delivering excellent value for your time and money.

1 Hour

Send materials to Thing 7

Thing 7 Prep

One Hour Call

Sample Calls

  • Amazon Web Services - how can your company best use AWS

  • How to choose technology products

  • A survey of QA and testing tools

  • How to use Kanban tools most effectively

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Completely transform the technology potential of your company to remodel your business.

Many companies can gain huge cost savings and productivity benefits in migrating from older infrastructures to modern ones. This 2-week project moves a company from constant firefights and painful maintenance on subpar IT infrastructure to innovation fueled by an agile, secure, and manageable modern infrastructure. Instead of hiring consultants that offer 1-2 year projects, use Thing 7 to perform these projects in anywhere from 1-3 months by tackling big chunks every two weeks.

2 Weeks



  • Email infrastructure - migrate to hosted Exchange or GSuite

  • Communication platform - move important communications off of email and onto a SaaS platform such as Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • Directory structure - simply Active Directory or move to more streamlined directory

  • IT Management - Google G Suite Business & G Suite Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Administration, AWS Management Console

  • Servers & Virtual Servers - identify utilization and suggest consolidation locally or in cloud

  • File & Content Management

  • Desktop infrastructure - Suggest Windows 10, Mac OS, Chromebook, Virtual desktops

  • Mobile device management

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Accelerated Infrastructure


Days 1 & 2

Assess current infrastructure

Days 3, 4 & 5

Choose new approach and migration plan

Week 2

Migrate systems 

No matter what project you’re undertaking, we’ll show you a way to raise the energy, gain consensus, deliver innovative results, and achieve success.

Who wants to do a long project when a shorter one will do? These 3 day projects take companies to the finish line quickly with clarity, confidence, and a solution to an important problem. You pick the problem area and together we collaboratively come to the solution.

3 Days

Days 1

Interviews (Leadership, Business, Tech) 


Present final deliverable

Day 2

Create demos, prototypes and presos

Sample Workshops


  • Supercharging your cloud computing migration -- big wins, practical lessons, expected challenges, and specific project plan with energetic team involvement

  • Redoing your endpoint environments with the right choice and combination of Windows, MacOS, browser platform on desktops, laptops, chromebooks, and phones

  • Creating a productive company software platform and using the best SaaS options or traditional software for communication, content storage, collaboration, structured projects, software development, and more

  • Choosing the right communications approach and software for your company: Slack vs. Teams, Slack vs. e-mail, Google GSuite vs. Microsoft Office 365, Exchange/Outlook vs. Google GSuite

  • Choose the right product for your company - I’ve built a career on evaluating products and technologies and choosing the one that works best for a specific company and its unique requirements

  • Choosing project management and software development toolsets

  • Moving from one-offs and firefights to quests and meaning - The “Konmari” for business using technology catalysts - getting your business content, systems, and objectives organized and activated


Catalyst Workshops

Things that you could do in several months, we will do in two weeks. Really, there is no reason for drudgery, let’s get this project done. I’ll show you how.

Who wants to do a month-long project when a two-week high-energy project may get the same or better results? These two-week projects are designed to be strategic in nature and create large value and direction for a company. You pick the problem area and together we collaboratively come to the solution.

2 Weeks

Days 1 & 2

Interviews (Leadership, Business, Tech)

Week 2

Execute to final deliverable

Days 3,4,5

Create mockups, outlines, and gain feedback

Sample Projects


  • Create a go-to-market plan for your company

  • Define an enterprise sales strategy that brings results quickly and solves problems you’ve experienced in the pipeline

  • Define an SMB sales and marketing plan that generates leads and runs them through the pipeline to closed deals

  • Define a product you want to build - bring leadership, business, sales, marketing, tech, and design together to create the product that will transform your company

  • Define a project you need to complete

  • Fundraising preparation - build the deck, prototype, business model, with support for business plans that have energy and serve to guide the company

  • Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) strategies and execution

  • Build Financial, Pro Formas, and Pricing models

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Lightning Projects


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