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Thing 7 has years of experience evaluating and deploying technology for startups, SMBs, and innovative enterprises. Rob has the experience and expertise to solve business problems effectively using products and approaches that will build a solid foundation for companies.


Rob has recently worked four years at Amazon Web Services, written four books on Internet and Web technologies, and hundreds of articles and white-papers on progressive technology products. He ran PC Magazine’s Network and Internet testing for many years, led Viant’s Technology Center working on projects for JP Morgan, Bank of America, Kinkos (now FedEx Office), and Starbucks, and has built several technology startups of his own.


Technology is a strategic lever and a disrupter when used intelligently. By calling on its experience and expertise, Thing 7 helps companies harness technology and conquer its complexity to achieve amazing results. Let Thing 7 be your guide in getting the outcomes you want.

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Rob Lipschutz, President



Vanessa Lipschutz, Associate


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